Femund - Engerdal
Femundsmarka and Gutulia

Femund - Engerdal

Femund - Engerdal

Femundsmarka: Less than a days traveling off the Norwegian capital a region can be found, which has to offer an abundance of nature. Here - in the area of Engerdal - one of the big lakes of the country is situated. By the banks of Femund lake, and around in Gutulias woods and wild forests as well as in Femundsmarkas bare land up the timberline moose, lux and volverine can be met, with a good bit of luck even the hidden brown bear. Reindeer will cross your path and - along the many creeks, streams, and rivers - one might discover here and there a beaver.

FemundenPack down your walking boots (well waterproofed!) and start a smaller or longer hike through this unique landscape! Why not taking your good old fishing rod out of the cellar! Things must not be in right order, if you will not take home a fine fish from one of the many waters.

The lakes Femund, Rogen and Ra are said to be a real paradise for the enthusiasts of canoeing and kayaking. Or do you just want to be left in serene peace, couple off, and enjoy the quietness?


If so, just find us here in Engerdal! A stay in the Femundsmarka is always an experience.



Mer informasjon om Engerdal fr du her:  Engerdal Turistkontor, 2440 Engerdal, tel: (+47) 62 45 66 70, Fax: (+47) 62 45 66 71,

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